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Roberta & CharlesRoberta and Charles. At least Charles is the only thing Roberta has been perfectly sure about since the moment she set eyes on him. They have been married for over sixty years and he still hasn’t bored her.

"Roberta Gellis is a superb storyteller of extraordinary talent." --John Jakes

In the matter of what Roberta wanted to do with her life, she’s been less decisive. She was always torn between science and ... not literature, at least not what has been called literature for the last seventy years or so ... just let’s say fiction. With the advent of Naturalism in literature, Roberta and literature had a parting of the ways. Roberta sourly describes current "literature" as well-written books in which disgusting people do disgusting things to other disgusting people for no apparent reason and with no apparent resolution. Roberta likes stories about decent people who face difficulties and dangers in their lives but overcome them and live ... not happily ever after; no one lives happily ever after ... but in reasonable satisfaction and contentment.

Zoe Charles and I lost our dearly beloved Lakeland Terrier, Taffy, late in October '08. We both still think about her, but I have never been without a dog. In fact, my mother had a dog before she had me. That dog was a pretty bitch called Heliogabalus (my mother was a Classics scholar and Heliogabalus was the name of a Roman general she admired), because my mother was also very innocent and didn't know how to tell a little girl puppy from a little boy puppy. And the very first thing Charles and I bought on our Honeymoon was .... a dog. Chuckie was a Welsh Terrier. So, I lasted about two months after Taffy was gone before we had another dog (and about six weeks of that two months was the time I spent trying to find a dog to adopt; this is big-dog country and Charles and I aren't young so we need something smaller). Because Charles and I are either very brave or very stupid we sought out another terrier--Scottish, this time. And here she is: Zoe.

The indecisiveness about science or fiction led Roberta to a master's degree in biochemistry and another in medieval literature and a peculiar working history: ten years as a research chemist, many years as a free-lance editor of scientific manuscripts, and nearly forty years as a writer. It has been very interesting and rewarding, but the telling of tales won out in the end. Roberta’s current connection with science is reading Science News. But she is still addicted to writing stories. (See Books for her work.)

Angel art

"Roberta Gellis has skillfully woven another marvelous tale."
--Bertrice Small

Roberta has one child, Mark, who teaches Rhetoric (a fancy name for expository writing) at Kettering University in Michigan. Mark is married to Sandra and they have a lovely daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is definitely growing up. She is now in middle school and is, as young teens are, very busy with all kinds of activities. She shows talents in a number of directions, but art is definitely one. Here is piece of her work that is making her fond grandmother consider writing for Manga (as soon as she can find out exactly what it is and what kind of tales they want told).

Roberta shows off Elizabeth's photos the way a grandmother should...

Elizabeth in play
a drama class performance
Elizabeth at tap
dancing recital: tap-dance "Bicycle Built for Two"

Gellis has also ventured into other genres: romantic suspense, both historical (SING WITCH, SING DEATH) and contemporary (A DELICATE BALANCE); science fiction (THE SPACE GUARDIAN and OFFWORLD, under the pseudonym Max Daniels); and fantasy (DAZZLING BRIGHTNESS, SHIMMERING SPLENDOR, and ENCHANTED FIRE in Greek settings and two novellas "Rarer Than a White Crow" and "Bride Price" in IRISH MAGIC and IRISH MAGIC II in Celtic settings.) For information about Roberta's latest projects, see her "Dear Friends" letter on the Home Page or check with Books for new publications.

What's Been Said
about Roberta Gellis:

"Enjoy the work's rich tapestry of detail, well-drawn characters, suspensefull story line, deft meshing of factual and fictional incidents and fresh approach." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Exciting, romantic, and utterly satisfying." -- Mary Jo Putney

"Roberta Gellis is a superb storyteller of extraordinary talent." -- John Jakes

"Roberta Gellis prefers to place her stories in the center of the political historical stage. Her characters discover love and passion while living through actual events" -- Paperback Forum

"An extremely entertaining and delightful storyteller." -- Rebecca Brandewyne

"An exquisite novel from the pen of a master storyteller." -- Rave Reviews

"First rate ... intriguing" -- New York Daily News

"Lovers of historical romance have the opportunity to experience the treachery and the splendor of the Middle Ages through the powerful words of Roberta Gellis, an author whose name is synonymous with historical fiction of epic proportions." -- Genie Romance Exchange

"...One of its real pleasures is the seamless way the author has fit the familiar elements of the myth into her larger canvas. Full of all kinds of love: of a man for a woman, a mother for her child and siblings for each other, this is a grand tale. The mythical elements add a unique, almost magical quality ..." -- GEnie Romance Exchange

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